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Solar Within Reach

The Solar Within Reach program provides a cash rebate to help low-income households be able to afford installing solar in Oregon which helps them have more money to spend each month by lowering their electric bills.


In order to qualify, your household must not exceed the program limits, which are:

Household size Gross annual income maximum
1 resident $55,610
2 residents $72,722
3 residents $89,832
4 residents $106,944
5 residents $124,056
6 residents $141,166
7 residents $144,374
8 residents $147,582

Potential Incentive Amount

How much you will receive is then based on the size of the solar power system you decide to install. The maximum of $1.40 per watt and an incentive cap of $8,400 per home.

Utility Incentive Requirements
Portland General Electric $1.40/watt $8,400 maximum incentive per home
Pacific Power $0.70/watt $4,200 maximum incentive per home

Oregon Solar Calculator

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