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SEIA Takes a Giant Leap Achieving Accreditation

Discover how SEIA's new ANSI accreditation bolsters sustainable industry growth, empowers stakeholders, and addresses significant challenges in the solar and storage industry.

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    The Dawn of a New Era for SEIA

    The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), has just achieved a landmark accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an Accredited Standards Development Organization. This pivotal milestone grants SEIA the capacity to unify industry stakeholders and formulate national standards that guide materials, products, services, and processes in the U.S. solar and storage industry.

    A New Standard: Building Confidence and Ensuring Growth

    “Strong national standards are the bedrock of any successful industry,” says SEIA president and CEO Abigail Ross Hopper. She believes that SEIA’s newfound ANSI accreditation, backed by strong leadership, will foster responsible and proactive industry growth. The goal is to instill confidence among solar customers, businesses, and other key stakeholders. With this in mind, SEIA is geared up to develop new industry standards that will not only drive the industry forward but also establish a compliance culture. Key issues like Photovoltaic (PV) recycling and ethical practices in the solar supply chain will be in focus.

    The Ripple Effect: Benefits of Standardization

    National standards development under the auspices of SEIA promises to open up and streamline markets, reduce costs, and minimize risk for the industry. Effective standards will encourage the use of best practices throughout the supply chain, making the development and deployment of solar energy safer and simpler, while fostering trust among customers, businesses, regulators, investors, and other stakeholders.

    Pursuing Excellence: New Standards on the Horizon

    SEIA has its sights set on a range of new standards for the solar and storage industry. These standards will aim to enhance supply chain traceability, and consumer protection, and manage end-of-life or performance periods effectively.

    Inclusive Participation: The Standards Technical Committees

    The new standards will be developed through a multi-step, consensus process guided by SEIA’s Standards Technical Committees. These committees comprise a diverse set of SEIA members and non-members, including producers, users, and those in general interest categories. SEIA is committed to maintaining an inclusive approach, ensuring all voices are heard during the standards development process. They welcome contributions from a wide array of stakeholders who are interested in or affected by SEIA’s standards.

    Looking Ahead: Focus on Supply Chain Traceability

    SEIA’s inaugural Standards Technical Committee will center its efforts on supply chain traceability. The committee is expected to release its first American National Standard in early 2024, marking a new chapter in the industry’s journey toward standardized excellence.

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