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Portland Permit Fees Spike 5% This July!

"Starting July 1, 2023, the Bureau of Development Services will implement a 5% fee hike on various permits and services due to increased operating costs.

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    Fee Changes for Development Services Announced

    The Bureau of Development Services announced that new fees for their various services will be implemented from July 1, 2023. The changes are necessitated due to increased costs for labor, materials, and services in the upcoming fiscal year​1​.

    Approval from City Council and County Board

    The fee changes have been approved by the Portland City Council on May 31 and for the unincorporated areas of Multnomah County by the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners on June 15​.

    Overview of the New Fee Structure

    The new fee increases, effective from July 1, 2023, affect several services both in the City of Portland and in Unincorporated Multnomah County.

    Services affected include:

    1. Building Permits
    2. Mechanical Permits
    3. Electrical Permits
    4. Plumbing Permits
    5. Field Issuance Remodel Programs
    6. Facilities Permits
    7. Site Development Permits
    8. Environmental Soils
    9. Sign Permits
    10. Neighborhood Inspections
    11. Land Use Services
    12. Cannabis Licensing and Noise Review (Portland-Only)

    All permits will see a 5% increase. Fees for Cannabis Licensing and Noise Review will also see a 5% increase, but only in the City of Portland. There will be no change in the fees for Zoning Enforcement​.

    Portland Permit Fee Table

    Here is a breakdown per permit of the changes to the cost in percentage (effective July 1, 2023):

    ServiceFee increasesCity of PortlandUnincorporated Multnomah County
    Building Permits5%5%5%
    Mechanical Permits5%5%5%
    Electrical Permits5%5%5%
    Plumbing Permits5%5%5%
    Field Issuance Remodel Program9%9%9%
    Facilities Permits5%5%5%
    Site Development Permits5%5%5%
    Environmental Soils5%5%5%
    Sign Permits5%5%5%
    Zoning EnforcementNo changeNo changeNo change
    Neighborhood Inspections5%5%5%
    Land Use Services5%5%5%
    Cannabis Licensing5%Not applicableNot applicable
    Noise Review5%Not applicableNot applicable

    Application of the New Fees

    The revised fees will be applicable to all new applications for permits or other services received on or after July 1, 2023. For more information on how to submit a permit application under the fees in effect before July 1, please refer to the official Bureau of Development Services page​1​.

    System Development Charges

    It should be noted that the fees listed are different from System Development Charges (SDCs). SDCs are charged by bureaus that provide utilities and other public facilities such as the Portland Bureau of Transportation, the Portland Water Bureau, the Bureau of Environmental Services, and Portland Parks & Recreation. For questions about whether particular SDCs may increase on July 1, 2023, please contact those bureaus directly​.

    External Resource Section

    Contact Information

    If you have questions about whether particular SDCs may increase on July 1, 2023, please contact those bureaus directly. General contact information is provided below. For more detailed information, please visit the SDC information page.

    Approved Fee Schedules

    For detailed information on the new fee schedules for the City of Portland and Unincorporated Multnomah County, please visit the Portland fee schedule page and scroll closer to the bottom.

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