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Portland EV Driver Saves on Monthly Fuel Costs

This Oregonian is saving $400 monthly on gas by switching to an EV. A greener, cleaner, and wallet-friendly choice for Oregonians. Make the change today.

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    Local Hero Rides the Future: The EV Revolution in Portland

    (Article originally posted on Koin.com)

    In the heart of the Beaver State, an evolution is underway on the roads of Portland. Nihad Aweidah is leading the charge, steering away from traditional gas guzzlers towards a cleaner and more sustainable future with his Tesla. His story is not just one of innovation and environmental consciousness; it’s a beacon signaling the shift towards greener transportation in Oregon.

    On a bright Sunday, the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association shone a spotlight on this transformative journey with a free EV expo on Swan Island. A gathering designed for the curious, the skeptics, and the future adopters, providing insights into the world where the hum of an engine is replaced with the quiet whispers of progress.

    Aweidah, once in the audience at these expos with questions and hesitations, now stands as a testament to the change electric vehicles (EVs) bring into our lives. “Environmentally correct,” he labels his Tesla, a vehicle that is more than just transportation; it’s a statement. A statement that resonates with the ethos of every Oregonian with a heart for sustainable energy.

    Drawing from his experience, Aweidah shares three pillars that converted him to an EV advocate: the serenity of a quiet ride, the unbeatable comfort, and the joy of bypassing gas stations – a symbolic victory over big oil companies. But it’s not just about what’s lost (the noise, the discomfort, the fuel costs), it’s about what’s gained. A cleaner Oregon, a healthier planet, and a fatter wallet. Before making the switch, Aweidah’s monthly tribute to big oil amounted to a staggering $500. Now, home charging his steed requires a mere $100 a month, translating to an annual saving of $4,800.

    Oregon and its sister state Washington, along with federal entities, are sweetening the deal with various incentives for prospective EV buyers, making the switch more accessible and appealing than ever. Aweidah’s advice to those on the fence? “Don’t wait. It’s worth it.”

    Oregonians, the path towards a sustainable future is illuminated by the sun and paved by choices like Aweidah’s. Electric vehicles are more than a mere mode of transportation. They’re a pledge to our environment, a nod to our ingenuity, and a step towards energy independence.

    In Oregon, we’re not just talking about change. We’re driving it—one electric vehicle at a time. Are you ready to join the ride?

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