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Oregon Solar + Storage Industries Association (OSSIA) is Hiring a Project Manager

OSSIA and OSEEF are hiring a Project Manager focused on expanding an equitable solar workforce. Ideal candidates will be detail-oriented and passionate about climate justice and diversity. Apply now.

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    The Oregon Solar + Storage Industries Association (OSSIA), in collaboration with the Oregon Solar Energy Education Fund (OSEEF), is extending an invitation for applications to the role of Project Manager. This opening presents a distinct opportunity for individuals deeply committed to climate mitigation, equity promotion, and meticulous project oversight. The individual selected for this role will bear the significant duty of guiding a diverse array of programs and funding avenues aimed at creating an inclusive and equitable solar workforce, thus providing valuable contributions to both the industry and society at large.

    The Current State of the Solar Industry: An Array of Opportunities and Imbalances

    Though burgeoning with promising job opportunities, the solar industry also confronts acute disparities in its workforce demographics. Data indicate an overwhelming predominance of white and male workers, constituting 90% and 80% of the workforce, respectively. OSSIA and OSEEF endeavor to change this narrative by actively pursuing a more racially and gender-diverse solar workforce.

    Job Description: Scope and Responsibilities

    The principal remit of the Project Manager role is notably comprehensive, encompassing oversight of OSSIA/OSEEF’s multifaceted programs and fiscal assets. Responsibilities will stretch from initial budget formulation to meticulous timeline management and culminate in final invoicing procedures. However, the role goes beyond mere administrative tasks. The Project Manager will function as an agent of change, employing strong relationship-building skills and prior experience in working with communities of color to instill a more equitable professional environment.

    Essential Qualities for a Competitive Candidate

    • Detail-Oriented Nature: A proclivity for precision and an inclination to focus on details are crucial attributes for this role. Candidates should take satisfaction in monitoring the finer points to guarantee the harmonious alignment of projects with initial objectives and final deliverables.
    • Capability for Multitasking: Given the assortment of programs and financial channels to be managed, an adeptness at multitasking is imperative. The candidate’s skills in juggling various tasks will directly influence the efficacy and efficiency of OSSIA/OSEEF’s initiatives.
    • Zeal for Equity and Justice: As the role sits at the confluence of environmental responsibility and social justice, an unwavering dedication to these causes is non-negotiable. Candidates must exhibit a confirmed passion for forwarding gender and racial equity, along with a staunch commitment to climate justice.

    The Opportunity for Local Impact with Global Relevance: Become Part of Their Team

    By becoming a member of their dynamic team, candidates will be availed the privilege of effecting tangible societal contributions at both local and international scales. Through these efforts, the chosen individual will play an instrumental part in shaping a future that is both equitable and sustainable.

    Application Procedure

    For a detailed exploration of this employment opportunity, including the full range of job responsibilities and qualifications, interested parties are encouraged to visit OSSIA’s official career website.

    This represents a pivotal step toward making a substantive impact on society. OSSIA and OSEEF eagerly anticipate the array of unique perspectives that applicants will bring to their organization.

    Thank you for considering this significant opportunity. There is palpable excitement around the potential for collaborative work in building a more equitable and sustainable future.

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