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ODOE Announces New Community Project Grants

Oregon Department of Energy is offering grants for planning and constructing renewable energy and energy resilience projects in communities outside of Portland.

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    Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) presents an exciting opportunity for communities across the state to foster energy resilience and sustainable living.

    Your Community’s Chance to Champion Renewable Energy

    ODOE is now offering grants of up to $100,000 for planning community renewable energy and energy resilience projects, and up to $1 million for constructing these projects. These grants aim to encourage and support collaborations between community groups, non-profits, private businesses, and other entities. There’s one catch though – projects must be located outside of Portland!

    Who Can Apply?

    Eligible applicants span a broad range, including:

    • Tribes
    • Cities
    • Counties
    • Consumer-Owned Utilities
    • Special Districts
    • All other public bodies defined in ORS 174.109

    What Projects Qualify?

    The grants are designed to facilitate the planning and construction of community energy projects, up to 20 megawatts in size. These can include:

    • Renewable energy generation systems such as solar PV or wind turbines
    • Energy storage systems such as batteries paired with a new or existing renewable energy generation system
    • Vehicle charging stations paired with a new or existing renewable energy generation system
    • Microgrid technologies paired with a new or existing renewable energy generation system

    Funding Details and Priority Projects

    ODOE has committed to making these grants available through 2024 and they could cover up to 100% of project costs for energy resilience projects, and up to 50% for renewable energy projects.

    Given the competitive nature of the awards, priority will be accorded to projects that focus on energy resilience and serve certain qualifying communities. These include communities of color, low-income communities, Tribes, rural areas, and other traditionally underserved groups.

    How to Apply?

    Interested in seizing this chance to pioneer your community’s renewable energy journey? Visit ODOE Grants page for more information on how to apply.

    Feel free to also reach out to ODOE directly at their office at 550 Capitol St. NE, 1st Floor, Salem, OR 97301, or via email at [email protected]. If you prefer a more personal conversation, call them at 503-378-4040.

    Embrace the Future, Today

    These grants are a tangible step towards a cleaner and more sustainable Oregon. Take the opportunity to lead your community into a greener future!

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