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New Solar Incentive for Low-Income Service Providers

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    Solar + Battery Rebate for Low-Income Service Providers

    Oregon is stepping up its game in promoting clean, renewable energy! The state is offering a hefty rebate of up to $30,000 for solar electric systems and up to $15,000 for energy storage systems. This is specifically for Oregon-based organizations that provide services to low- and moderate-income Oregonians.

    Rebate Breakdown

    Here’s the clincher – these rebates could cover a whopping 50% of the net cost of the system! The Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) determines the net cost as all eligible expenses minus any incentive provided by an electric utility or the Energy Trust of Oregon.

    Are You Eligible?

    So, who exactly are these “low-income service providers” that are eligible? If you’re a community service organization or a tribal or local government entity, get in touch with the ODOE to confirm your eligibility.

    Eligible entities include developers or owners of affordable multifamily housing eligible for public assistance from Oregon Housing & Community Services, organizations offering health, dental, social, financial, energy conservation, or other assistive services to households below 100 percent of the state median income, and tribal or local government entities that use public buildings to provide services to low- or moderate-income individuals. Also, such organizations can provide emergency shelter and/or communications in disaster situations.

    For a complete list of eligibility requirements, be sure to review the Administrative Rules.

    How to Get Your Rebate?

    In a user-friendly move, rebates are paid to the ODOE-approved contractor who installs the system. Simply reach out to an approved contractor to discuss your project. They can also guide you on other potential solar savings, like a federal tax credit or an Energy Trust of Oregon incentive.

    The savings from the rebate will be directly subtracted from the total cost of your system, giving you a hassle-free experience.

    Looking for an Approved Contractor?

    To find an ODOE-approved contractor, visit the ODOE website to download a regularly updated list.

    Some Key Things to Remember

    In order to avail of the rebate, systems must be installed on real property in Oregon by an ODOE-approved contractor. The contractor must submit a reservation application before starting any installation work on a solar system or paired solar and storage system.

    If you’re thinking about installing a paired solar and storage system, they must be purchased together from the same approved contractor. Stand-alone storage systems or systems added to existing solar are not eligible.

    Lastly, the system must be installed with “islanding” capability, meaning it should be able to function independently of the grid, providing power during outages. The systems must comply with electric utility-specific rules and other technical and programmatic requirements.

    For all details about the program, review the Solar + Storage Rebate Program Oregon Secretary of State Administrative Rules online.

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