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    The Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) acknowledges and extends its gratitude to the numerous solar contractors actively contributing to the success of its solar rebate program. This post aims to help you understand the program better, guide you through rules and requirements, and explain how to become an approved contractor.

    Program Overview

    The ODOE offers a solar rebate program that encourages the use of solar energy and storage systems in Oregon. Information about the program, such as the remaining program budget and details about individual rebate amounts, can be found on the program homepage, with additional resources available for homeowners and low-income service providers.

    It’s crucial to note that contractors must submit a reservation application before beginning the construction or installation of a solar system or a paired solar and storage system to be eligible for a rebate.

    Becoming an Approved Contractor

    Contractors interested in participating in the program can sign up through ODOE’s customer service portal. If you’re a first-time user, begin by clicking on “register” to create an account. Once you’ve registered, you can sign in and complete the necessary information. Afterward, the ODOE staff will follow up to confirm your successful enrollment in the program.

    Reserving Rebates for Customers

    Once approved, contractors can use PowerClerk to reserve rebates and complete the application process. To assist contractors in using the PowerClerk system, ODOE has developed an online user guide. For any queries or concerns, contractors can reach out to the Solar + Storage Rebate Team.

    Receiving a Rebate Payment

    ODOE collaborates with the Department of Administrative Services to issue contractor rebates. This process typically takes around two weeks. Be aware that the State of Oregon requires a W-9 on file before issuing any payments. Also, ensure your business name and mailing address are up-to-date on the form.

    For quicker and cost-effective transactions, contractors are urged to sign up for electronic payments. However, bear in mind that the Oregon Department of Revenue monitors state agency payments and can place holds if the payee owes certain types of obligations to the State of Oregon.

    Additional Guidelines

    As an approved contractor, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the program to best serve your customers. An extensive FAQ document is available for further clarification.

    Remember that solar and storage installations must be installed on real property in Oregon by an ODOE-approved contractor. The rebates are given to the contractors, who in turn pass on the savings to their customers.

    For paired solar and storage systems, they must be purchased simultaneously from the same approved contractor. Stand-alone storage systems or those added to existing solar systems are ineligible. Furthermore, solar installations must meet minimum Total Solar Resource Fraction measurements and other technical criteria.

    The systems must comply with specific rules and regulations set by the electric utility, as well as other technical and programmatic requirements. These can be found in the Solar + Storage Rebate Program Oregon Secretary of State Administrative Rules online.

    Your participation and compliance as an approved contractor play a significant role in the success and benefits of the Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program. Thank you for your service and dedication to renewable energy in our state.

    Approved ODOE Contractor Table

    Here is a table of all the approved ODOE contractors. This information was last updated on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

    Business Name CCB # City Website/Email
    A&R Solar SPC 207641 Portland
    Abundant Solar 175919 Corvallis
    Advanced Energy Systems 160523 Eugene
    Alternative Energy Systems 173718 Talent (Medford)
    Ashen Ridge LLC 227349 Molalla
    Benton Electric Inc 4213 Albany
    Big Dog Solar 202763 Chubbuck, ID
    Blue Mountain Solar Inc 178092 La Grande
    Blue Sky Solar 223739 Springfield
    BRS Field OPS LLC 227185 Orem
    Cascade Coast Const. & Solar 168842 Newport
    Cascade Solar LLC 242229 Portland
    Clackamas Electric Inc 161923 Clackamas
    Common Energy LLC 182596 Hood River
    Competitive Commercial Roofing Inc 174631 Hood River
    DPI Solar 185494 Sherwood
    E2 Solar, Inc. 198347 Bend
    Earthlight Technologies LLC 201408 Silverton
    Eco Solar and Electric 179212 Klamath Falls
    Elemental Energy 195141 Portland
    Elite Enterprise Group 240901 Nampa, ID
    Energy Design Co 161672 Eugene
    Energy Solutions LLC 202002 Oregon City
    Energy Wise Services LLC 227038 Albany
    Enterprise Electric and Rental Inc 193029 Enterprise
    Freedom Forever Oregon LLC 234650 Temecula
    Gold Coast Renewable Energy 90309 Gold Beach
    GSC Inc. 71741 North Bend
    Green Ridge Solar 210450 Tualatin
    Green Store LLC 180259 Eugene
    GreenLight Solar 211333 Vancouver
    Horizon PWR SC LLC 230540 Rigby, ID
    Imagine Energy LLC 167963 Portland
    Infinity Solar 223690 Vancouver, WA
    Intermountain Wind & Solar 216914 Boise, ID
    ION Solar 230394 Wilsonville
    Marks Electric LLC 212706 Portland
    National Solar Inc 186224 Bend
    Nationwide Solar 176918 Vancouver
    Neil Kelly Company 1663 Portland
    O’Neill Construction Group Inc. 129027 Portland
    Oregon Solar Clean 235589 Marcola
    Oregon Solar and Battery LLC 225024 Grants Pass
    Oregon Solarworks LLC 204937 Grants Pass
    Oregon Sun Wranglers 240661 John Day
    Pacific Unlimited, Inc 189646 Eugene
    Paul Solonika and Sons, LLC 169100 Sublimity
    Power Northwest 229987 Portland
    Premier Solar NW 241524 Portland
    Prestige Power Systems LLC 206095 Happy Valley
    Pro-Stat Services LLC 189902 Vancouver
    Pure Energy Group Inc 235232 Jefferson
    Purelight Power LLC 226333 Medford
    Sol Coast Consulting and Design LLC 164208 Coos Bay
    Solar Assist 198660 Eugene
    Solar Man 51245 Grants Pass
    Stracker Solar 239620 Ashland
    Sun Mountain Solar 234493 Portland
    Sunbreak Energy Advisors 240886 Portland
    Sunbridge Solar 189787 Washougal, WA
    Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc 158922 Bend
    Sunpath Services LLC 235715 Aurora
    Sunshine Solar Inc. 235641 Grants Pass
    Sunthurst Energy, LLC 201975 Stanfield
    Sunward Power (prev. Precision Solar) 238152 Happy Valley
    Sunworks Solar LLC 229052 Hillsboro
    Synchro Solar 188766 Gresham
    True South Solar 189906 Ashland
    Turn 2 Solar 225683 Keizer
    Unity Electrical Service 234553 Portland
    Uplift Energy 240000 Portland
    Wire Nutz Electric Services LLC 189913 Vancouver, WA


    In conclusion, the Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program is an important initiative that encourages the implementation and use of solar energy and storage systems across the state. The role of approved contractors in this program is instrumental. From following the application process to reserving rebates for customers and complying with specific rules and regulations, approved contractors ensure the program’s success while providing invaluable services to their customers.

    The state’s commitment to promoting renewable energy solutions is reliant on the diligence and expertise of these contractors. We appreciate their tireless dedication to making Oregon a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable state.

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