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a field of solar panels

FERC Order 1920: A Big Deal for Oregon

a house with solar panels on the roof

IRS Updates Solar Tax Credit Rules (May 2024)

a cartoon of a house with trees and a fence

Portland’s Climate Tax Set to Retrofit 3,100 Homes for Efficiency

modular design Anker SOLIX X1

Anker SOLIX X1 Overview: Costs, Benefits & More!

ev car charging at station

Portland EV Driver Saves on Monthly Fuel Costs

Portland, Oregon with mt hood

How to Apply for Collaborating for Climate Action Funding

home with solar panels on the front roof

Top Questions to Ask A Solar Installer

solar installer in from of a home solar panel installation

How to Choose the Right Oregon Solar Company

11 Reasons to Shield the Clean Energy Fund From Diverting Funds

Powering Up Oregon Homes: Tesla’s Game-Changing Powerwall 3 Arrives!

raining on solar panels

Do Solar Panels Still Work When It’s Raining in Oregon?

ev parked by a home ev charger

Oregon EV Incentives & Rebates for 2024

home with solar panels and a home battery backup

Solar Panel Cost in Oregon (2024 Update)

homes that took advantage of the oregon solar incentives and installed panels

2024 Oregon Solar Incentives: An Easy-to-Understand Guide for Homeowners

home with solar plus battery backup charging an EV

Does Solar Make Sense in Oregon?

sunlight hitting solar panels on a home in the Oregon forest

RETC: Does Oregon Have a Solar Tax Credit?

Home with optimal total solar resource fraction (tsrf)

What Is Total Solar Resource Fraction (TSRF) in Oregon?

home with two solar panel installations on top (1)

What are the Steps to Install Solar Panels at Home?

solar panels on a sunny day with car in the driveway

Can You Explain the Financial Benefits of Solar Energy for Homeowners? Sure!

business roof solar panels

What Should Businesses Know About Switching to Solar?

home roof solar panels

13 Benefits of Solar Panels for Oregon Homeowners

solar project manager

Oregon Solar + Storage Industries Association (OSSIA) is Hiring a Project Manager

people installing solar panels on a home

Demystifying the Solar Panel Installation Process in Oregon

a happy group of people installing solar panels

Who is the Oregon Solar + Storage Industries Association (OSSIA)?

a utility meter being powered by solar panels

Idaho Power Net Meter Changes: Debate Over Net Metering Arrives in Oregon

solar panels on a one-story affordable home

Navigating Climate Change and Affordable Housing

large solar farm

Industrial Decarbonization: A Guide to Cutting Carbon Emissions

man walking on roof of commercial PV system

Can I Get Energy Credit for Oregon for Solar Panels?

solar panels taking up half the roof space

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Oregon?

black solar panels

Cost of Solar Panels in Oregon 2023 Guide

large scale commercial solar farm

Balancing Clean Energy Goals with Nature’s Need

solar panel close up

Understanding the Residential Clean Energy Credit

rooftop home solar panels

Is Solar Worth It In Bend?

solar racking being installed on a roof

Solar Racking Systems: Secure Your Solar Installation

man on red roof inspecting solar panels

Is Solar Worth It in Beaverton?

solar charge controller (1)

Ultimate Guide to Solar Charge Controllers

enphase iq8 solar microinverter

Top Solar Microinverter Guide: Efficiency Unleashed

man placing solar panels on a home

Is Solar Worth It In Hillsboro?

residential rooftop solar

Is Solar Worth It In Gresham, Oregon?

two people inspecting a solar ground mount

Is Solar Worth It In Salem?

standing solar arrays

Is Solar Worth It in Eugene?

sun and solar panels

Is Solar Worth It in Portland, Oregon?

electrician upgrading electrical panel

Portland Permit Fees Spike 5% This July!

man inspecting solar electric panels

SEIA Takes a Giant Leap Achieving Accreditation

solar pv pathways example 3

Solar PV Pathways BCD Technical Bulletin Update

large utility-scale solar panel ground mount rows

Oregon’s Solar Fund Wins DOE Workforce Grant!

multiple solar installers working on the roof together

Approved ODOE Contractor Table

ODOE approved contractor posing next to solar system on roof

How to Become an ODOE-Approved Contractor

neighbor that switched to solar

ODOE Announces New Community Project Grants

clouds reflecting off solar panels

Energizing Updates from the Oregon Legislature!

New Oregon Battery + Solar Rebate for Homeowners

neighbors switching to solar together

New Solar Incentive for Low-Income Service Providers

solar panels in row

A Complete Guide to Solar Panel Installation

two people inspecting a solar ground mount

How Much Money Can I Save with Oregon Solar Panels?

solarized neighborhood gone solar

Can I Sell Excess Electricity Generated by My Solar Panels?

solar system next to sunflowers

Do Solar Panels Require Direct Sunlight to Work?

man fastening solar equipment together

Are There Any Safety Concerns Associated with Solar Panels?

Man installing solar

Can I Remove Solar Panels If I Sell My Home?

large black solar panels on home

Are There Any Warranties for Solar Panels?

solar workers install solar electric system on flat roof

Are Solar Panels a Good Fit for Your Flat Roof?

electrical utility measuring meter

Oregon Net Metering 101

dual axis flat roof solar system

How Effective are Solar Panels in Oregon’s Climate?

solar installation by worker

How to Find an Oregon Solar Panel Company

solar panels powering the home and pool

Step-By-Step Guide to Solar Installation in Portland

two people placing last solar panel into array

How Efficient Are Solar Panels in Portland?

solar panels blue sky

Cost of Solar Panels in Portland: An In-Depth Analysis

Solar and sunflowers

Analyzing the Environmental Impact of Solar Panels in Oregon

man cleaning solar panels on a hot day

Comprehensive Guide to Solar Panel Maintenance in Oregon

two business people inspecting solar investment

Understanding Oregon’s Policies on Solar Panels

large home solar system

Revealing the True Cost of Solar Panels in Oregon

two roofs with solar panels

Unveiling Top Solar Panels for Oregon Homes

multiple array solar farm

Oregon Solar Panels: Harnessing the Sun’s Power for a Sustainable Future

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