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A useful resource website for everything about solar power in Oregon.

Meet the Curator

The author and website designer of ORSolarEnergy.com is me, Adam Walters. I’ve lived in Oregon since 2010 and started working in the solar industry here in 2013. Now I build, manage, and grow websites for other solar companies around the United States.

I started this website to be a place where those interested in switching to solar in Oregon can get unbias feedback instead of trusting solely your sales consultant. So use this website to help you and feel free to ask me a question via the chat tool.

Based in Portland, Oregon

Locals helping locals.

Seasoned Expert

We've been writing about solar in Oregon since 2013 - that's 9 years now! - so we know a thing or two.

Unbias Feedback

Our goal of this website is to help Oregonians not get screwed so ask us your questions. Don't be shy.

A few questions we get asked the most about us:

Because we live in Oregon and want to help our fellow neighbors feel confident making a $10,000 plus purchase. That is why we created this website to provide an unbias source of information for solar in Oregon.

We update the website every financial quarter so it's fairly accurate.

We do! We get compensated when you request a consultant to contact you. It's not much, but it goes to help maintain this website. So if we helped you get the information you need, please help support us by contacting solar companies via our website here.

Sort of easy. You have to meet our minimum requirements then you may apply here.

It's free to list your company on the website (apply here). Leads cost $30 per lead.

We do. We do the fun part in filtering all the spam and solicitors so you may only get quality leads.

Yes, leads are refundable ONLY IF the customer had zero intent in purchasing solar panels. Leads will not be refunded if the customer is unable to switch to solar due to; 1) financial reasons, 2) lack of solar resources, 3) roof is too old, 4) build structure isn't sufficient, 5) went with another company, or 6) your company's performance (or lack of).


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